Congratulations on your decision to take AP Chemistry in the fall.    This summer, I will give out an assignment that is meant to be completed online using the website  This assignment is meant to give you a head start into the world of AP Chemistry.  The work will involve some reading and problem solving and should be completed in 10-15 hours depending on how you work.  I recommend you get started as soon as the content becomes available to give yourself ample time to process the ideas and ask questions.  You will have a quiz on this material when we get back in July.


AP Chemistry is a highly rigorous course that requires strong critical reading and mathematics skills for students to be successful. In previous years, the students with no chemistry background had to work especially hard to keep from falling behind due to the fast pace of the course.  Students have indicated that the summer session really helped them to get used to both the content and the systems that we use in AP Chemistry. It is in your best interest to take advantage of this opportunity to ensure your AP Chem experience is as successful and pleasant as possible.


Before accessing, please make sure you send me your contact information through the form available at


If you have any questions regarding the summer assignment, you can contact me directly via email or phone.  Content specific questions can be posted as comments within the relevant page in Chasegame.




Johnathan Chase

(619) 796-2661

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