As we move into our last day of week #1, it’s time to begin thinking about how we approach problems.  Your perspective and beliefs have a significant influence on how you interact and understand the world around you.  Today we start sharpening our critical thinking skills.


  • Demonstrate critical thinking
  • Write hypothesis
  • Learn Ions


  • Safety Test
  • 1A.3 Moon Survival
  • 1A.4 Five-Hole Bottle Demo
  • Ion List 1 (Quizlet)
  • Week 1 Reflection


  • Study Ions over the weekend and come ready for a quick quiz on Monday
  • Write out a reflection of the first week. Identify all activities that we did, and the purpose behind these activities. Think about how these activities will be relevant to your success in chemistry (or life…) Bring this reflection and your laptop on Monday.
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