You will have an opportunity to develop an experimental design, build a calorimeter, and execute your plan today.

Warm Up

  • 1. What are we trying to compare in part 1 of the lab?
  • 2. If we know a temperature change that happens to a certain mass of water, what can we calculate?
  • 3. If 12.55 grams of baking soda release 724 Joules of energy, what is the enthalpy of solution for this compound in joules per gram?
  • 4. Since comparing one substance to another by gram is only relatively accurate, we should find the number of moles.  What is our enthalpy of solution for baking soda in kilojoules per mole?  (The weight of 1 mole of baking soda is 84.01 g/mol)


  • Develop an experiment to compare dissolving salts and reacting substances
  • Setup a calorimeter
  • Execute your plan and make conclusions


Complete your Analysis for Part 1 of the Lab

Further develop your experimental design for part 2 of the Lab

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