Time to show what you know. Put up or shut up 🙂


Assess your level of understanding of topic 1 concepts.  If you understood the concepts and reviewed, you should be able to:

  1. a. Identify lab equipment names, images, and describe those tools and their uses
  2. b. Understand how to measure length and volume appropriately to communicate the scale of the measuring tool
  3. c. Understand the purpose behind significant digits and know the rules to identify how many digits in a measurement are considered significant
  4. d. Differentiate between physical and chemical changes to matter
  5. e. Perform calculations that accurately reflect the level of precision of your original measurements
  6. f. Identify the eight key measurement types, describe what they measure, and which SI or common units we use in chemistry
  7. g. Use dimensional analysis to convert between unit scales for a measurement
  8. h. Understand how prefixes can modify the scale of a measurement and know what numerical quantity the prefixes refer to

Give yourself a rating on each of these skills on a scale from 1-10.  Find the average and consider this to predict what percentage you believe you should earn on this exam.



  • Describe solids, liquids, and gases at the molecular level
  • Demonstrate your understanding of topic 1 concepts and skills


  • Reflect on assignment 2.02 and include your work for the calculations on teams.
  • Submit assignment 2.04 on teams
  • Complete and submit your Week 4 reflection on teams.
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