We will really dive deeply into energy today. You will learn how to find the energy absorbed or released by a substance using specific heat and ways in which energy flows into and out of a system.


  1. 1. Define each of the following in your own words:
    1. a. Thermal energy
    2. b. Mass energy (Kinetic energy)
    3. c. Potential energy
    4. d. Chemical energy
  1. 2. Identify which form(s) of energy is/are changing in the scenarios below and indicate how they change (increasing or decreasing):
    1. a. An acid and a base are mixed and the temperature of the solution increases.
    2. b. A log burns in a fireplace.
    3. c. A penny is dropped from the empire state building.
  1. 3. ∆E=q+w

Identify the variables in this equation and explain how a car skidding to a stop could be represented using this equation.



  • Use specific heat to determine the total amount of energy gained or lost by a substance
  • Describe temperature vs. heat



  • Finish assignment 2.02 using MyOpenMath.
  • Reflect on assignment 2.02 on teams
  • Study for exam 1 (Thursday/Friday)
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