Today we will practice writing equilibrium constant expressions, evaluating the magnitude of constants using equilibrium concentrations, and solving for unknown information based on the stoichiometry of a reaction and the initial and ending concentrations paired with the equilibrium constant.


Warm Up 98

(1) What does the equilibrium constant represent for a reaction?  How can we quantitatively determine if one side of the reaction is favored?

(2) Consider the acid-base reaction below.  If the H+ concentration at equilibrium is 0.0459 M, what is the concentration of every other species in this mixture?

H2SO3(aq) ⇌ 2H+(aq) + SO32-(aq)    Keq = 1.5×10-2

Task 9.3a – 9.3c Q&A

9.3 In-Class Practice


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