Today we will begin looking at how time factors in to chemical reactions.  As we continue this unit, we will learn about the essential requirements for a collision to result in a reaction and ways to modify the speed of a reaction.


Warm Up 90

(1) What variables would we want to measure to determine how fast a reaction is proceeding?

(2) Describe an experiment that would allow you to measure the rate of a reaction between barium hydroxide and sulfuric acid.  You have access to a stopwatch, a conductivity sensor, a pH probe, a large beaker, and a magnetic stirring plate and bar.

Exam 7 Recap

Discussion 8.1 – Reaction Rates & Collision Theory

8.1 Practice



  • Finish 8.1 Practice Problems
  • Complete Pre-Lab 8.2 and create a data table based on the procedures.
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