Our final concept of the gas unit is the Ideal Gas Law.  This law enables us to determine pressure, volume, temperature, or moles of a confined gas.  You will be able to solve problems to identify gases based on measurements in the lab and molar mass.


  • Warm Up 77
    A gas sample from a lighter has been collected in an inverted container under water.  The following data are collected: gas volume= 65.8 mL, water temperature = 22.0°C, total pressure in container = 772 mmHg, vapor pressure of water at 22.0°C = 19.8 mmHg, initial mass of lighter = 5.345 g, final mass of lighter = 5.313 g.

    1. Gases confined to a container filled with water will always be a mixture of the gas and a small amount of water vapor.  Based on the data, what is the partial pressure of the collected gas?
    2. Solve for the number of moles of this gas.
    3. Determine the molar mass of this gas.


  • HW Check 76 (Practice 6.4)
  • Padlet – Topic 6 Review Concepts


  • Update OneNote Summaries
  • Study for Quiz 6b (2-variable and combined gas law)
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