We have a working understanding of the 2 variable gas laws.  Now we can combine them into a 3 variable combined gas law.  In addition to this, we start to conversation about amount of gas in Avogadro’s Principle.


  • Warm Up 75
1. Changes to Pressure

(a) If you were to triple the temperature of a gas, what should happen to the pressure?

(b) If you cut the volume in half, what happens to the pressure?

2. Solve.

(a) T1 = 200K, T2=400K, V1 = 340 mL, V2=?

(b) Using V2 above as V1, P1=44.1 kPa, P2 = 11.95 kPa, V2=?

  • HW Check 75 (Practice 6.2c)
  • Quiz 6a Recap
  • Discussion 6.3 – Combined Gas Law & Avogadro’s Principle


  • Finish Practice 6.3
  • Submit your Lab 6.2c Final Draft to jupitergrades
  • Study for Quiz 6b (Topics 6.2b and 6.2c)
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