Now we will explore the relationship between the temperature of an enclosed gas and the pressure it takes up under constant volume.  This lab will help us to better describe this relationship in a quantitative and qualitative sense.  You will know you succeeded when you can make predictions about unknown temperatures or pressures when enclosed gases are modified under constant volume conditions.


  • Warm Up 74

1. Pressure vs. Temp

(a) Is the relationship between temperature and pressure of a gas under constant volume directly or inversely proportional?  How do you know?

(b) Write the Equation for Gay-Lussac’s Law using P1, T1, P2, and T2.

2. What is the pressure of a gas that begins at STP and is heated to a final temperature of 855°C?

  • HW Check 74 (Practice 6.2a, Practice 6.2b)
  • Quiz 6a – KMT & Boyle’s Law


  • Finish Practice 6.2c
  • Submit your Lab 6.2c Report to Peergrade (due Friday at 11:59pm)
  • Give quality feedback on peergrade before 11:59 PM on Sunday night
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