Today we study the relationship between the temperature of an enclosed gas and the volume it takes up under constant pressure.  This lab will help us to better describe this relationship in a quantitative and qualitative sense.  You will know you succeeded when you can make predictions about unknown temperatures or volumes when enclosed gases are modified under constant pressure conditions.


  • Warm Up 72

1. Remembering Molarity:

(a) What unit is generated when you multiply mol/L and L?

(b) How are molarity (concentration) and volume related for aqueous solutions? (directly or inversely).

2. Connecting to Boyle’s Law:

(a) Write out the equation for dilution of a concentrated solution.

(b) Based upon the way the variables are related in these two situations, what could we write as our expression for Boyle’s Law using P1, V1, P2, and V2?

  • HW Check 72 (6.2a feedback, Prelab 6.2b)
  • 6.2a Discussion
  • Exam 5 & tutoring discussion
  • Lab 6.2b


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