Now that we have a clear understanding of gas behavior, we will explore the relationship between gas volume and the pressure it exerts on the walls of a container.  This lab will help us to better describe this relationship in a quantitative and qualitative sense.  You will know you succeeded when you can make predictions about pressures or volumes when enclosed gases are modified under constant temperature conditions.


  • Warm Up 71

1.In one paragraph, restate the purpose and general procedures of our lab today.  Also clarify why we add 0.8 mL to the volume reading in each trial.

2.Sketch a diagram of a perfume sample added to a room.  Include three boxes, one immediately following the addition of the gas, one as the gas begins to disperse, and one after all the particles have fully spread.  You may sketch from a profile or top-down perspective but clearly differentiate between perfume particles and air particles.

  • HW Check 71 (Practice 6.1a, 6.1b, Prelab 6.2a)
  • Lab 6.2a
  • Submit to Peergrade before class is over (check the rubric first)


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