We are going to begin our study of gases today.  We will explore the behavior of gases and focus specifically upon pressure.  Gas reactions are going to be a large part of this course and understanding enclosed gas behaviors has many applications outside of class.  You will know you have succeeded in learning this material when you can convert between pressure scales and describe transformations of gases in enclosed spaces.


  • Warm Up 70

1.Describe pressure in a scientific context.  Give a specific example that demonstrates the concept.


2.Temperature can be defined as average kinetic energy in a system.  If K = °C + 273, determine the following temperatures in the appropriate scale:

a) 100°C in K b) 298 K in °C c) 300°C in K  d) 0 K in °C

  • Grading Status
  • Topic 6.1 Self-Study
  • Topic 6.1 Discussion
  • Topic 6.1 Practice


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