Today we will continue to learn about ways to classify chemical reactions.  Spotting patterns in reactivity helps us to understand reactions and make predictions about mixtures.  You will know you have succeeded in learning this topic when you can do the following:

  • identify multiple reaction descriptions for an observed reaction
  • assign oxidation states to atoms in compounds
  • identify which species is oxidized and reduced in a redox reaction
  • apply flame testing to determine gases present from reaction products


  • HW Check 67 (submit lab to peergrade)
  • Warm Up 67
    • Go to jupitergrades and calculate your average team percentage scores from Quiz 5.1 and Quiz 5.2.  Show all work, clearly identifying contributors.
    • Determine if you are eligible for the growth bonus (70% average) on either of these topics.  If not, create a plan to get your team to qualify (team study sessions, planned retake days, group chat, etc.)  Communicate that plan here.
  • Topic 5.3 Discussion


  • Submit feedback for Lab 5.2 on peergrade. (Use the Answer Key to check their work)
  • Review and PARAPHRASE the procedures for Lab 5.3 – Not My Type.
  • Complete the Quiz 5.2 Analysis (your answer & why, right answer w/ justification, all questions)
  • Speak out!  Share your thoughts about topic 5.2 on flipgrid.
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