Today we will learn about ways to classify chemical reactions.  Spotting patterns in reactivity helps us to understand reactions and make predictions about mixtures.  You will know you have succeeded in learning this topic when you can identify multiple reaction descriptions for an observed reaction, and you can do flame testing to determine gases present from reaction products.


  • HW Check 66 (edpuzzle, Lab 5.2 equations)
    • Give examples of 5 aqueous compounds and 5 solid compounds in water based upon your understanding of the solubility rules.  For each, justify why that compound does or does not dissolve.
    • Look over your 5.2 quiz and list the topics that you need to continues studying.
  • Quiz 5.2 Recap
  • Lab 5.2 – Unknown solution testing
  • Topic 5.3 Discussion


  • Finish writing molecular and net ionic equations for all part I reactions we completed in class
  • Complete the Quiz 5.2 Analysis (for all questions, what did you answer and why, what is correct and justify)
  • Review the procedures for Lab 5.3 – Not My Type
  • Speak out!  Share your thoughts about topic 5.2 on flipgrid
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