What am I learning today?

How to write molecular, full ionic, and net ionic equations.

Why am I learning this?

Chemical equations help us understand what his happening quantitatively on a molecular level when chemicals react.

How will I known that I have succeeded?

I can mix known solutions, observe precipitate formation, and write a net ionic equation to represent this reaction.


  • HW Check & Warm Up
    • Write out the steps necessary to translate a word equation into a balanced molecular equation
    • Write an ionic and net ionic equation from the equation that follows:  2FeCl3(aq) + 3PbSO4(aq) → Fe2(SO4)3(aq) + 3PbCl2(s)
  • Record Part I Data in OneNote
  • Finish and submit Day 62-64 Summaries


  • Write molecular and net ionic equations for all part 1 reactions we completed in class
  • Complete PK Quizizz 5.3
  • Study topic 5.2
  • Speak out!  Share your thoughts about topic 5.1 on flipgrid
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