What am I learning today?

How to write molecular, full ionic, and net ionic equations.

Why am I learning this?

Chemical equations help us understand what his happening quantitatively on a molecular level when chemicals react.

How will I known that I have succeeded?

I can mix known solutions, observe precipitate formation, and write a net ionic equation to represent this reaction.


  • HW Check & Warm Up
    • What % did you earn on Quiz 5.1?  What specific kinds of problems did you make mistakes on?  What is your plan to learn and improve?
  • HW Check 62
  • 5.1 Quiz Recap
  • 5.2 Discussion – Net Ionic Equations
  • Comprehension Check 62
  • Flex Assignment: 5.1 Corrections or 5.2 Practice


  • Complete/revise the Net Ionic Equations Conclusion Questions
  • Complete Quiz 5.1 corrections if below 70%
  • Pre-Lab 5.2 (Restate Purpose & Procedures)
  • Speak out!  Share your thoughts about topic 5.1 on flipgrid
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