What am I learning today?

How to use labware and equipment to prepare and dilute solutions.

Why am I learning this?

Solution concentration is a key to understanding quantitative chemistry and we will continue preparing solutions all year.

How will I known that I have succeeded?

I can successfully prepare solutions and to a specified concentration and test them using a colorimeter.


  • HW Check & Warm Up
    • Based on your feedback from the 56-58 Daily Summaries, what should you do to improve your summaries this week?
    • Determine the amount of grams of CuSO4·5H2O you will need to prepare your assigned solution for the lab today.
    • Submit your Dilution Data
  • Practice 5.1c Q&A
  • Lab 5.1 – Solution Prep & Dilution
  • Lab Debrief


  • Bring your laptop to school for next class
  • Study notes, labs, and summaries to prepare for Quiz 5.1
  • Complete the Prior Knowledge Quiz 5.2
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