It’s super happy fun time (for almost the last time…)  Show me what you know about acids and bases, then we can start our end of year review 🙂


Warm Up 101

(1) What does it mean when we say that an acid is strong or weak?  What is stronger, a 0.0500 M HCl solution or a 0.200 M HF solution?  Justify your response.

(2) The dissociation of formic acid is represented by the chemical equation below.

HCOOH(aq)  H+(aq) + HCOO(aq)

(a) Write the equilibrium constant expression for this reaction.

(b) For a 0.200 M HCOOH solution, the pH of the equilibrium mixture is measured at 2.23.  What is the [H+] for this solution?

(c) Determine the value of Ka for formic acid.

HW Check (Practice 9.4b)

Practice 9.4b Q&A

Quiz 9.4


  • Review Topics 5 and 6 over the weekend.  Come with questions!
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