Today is our last day of new content.  We will look into how pH is determined and how this connects to the relative strength of an acid or base.


Warm Up 100

(1) The pH of a solution is determined by using the concentration of hydrogen ions present in that solution.  Which solution would be more acidic, 0.500 M H2SO4 or 0.750 M HCl?  Justify your answer with reasoning and/or calculations.

(2) Consider this acid dissociation:  HNO2(aq)  H+(aq) + NO2(aq)     Ka= 5.6×10-4

Sketch a particulate diagram to demonstrate the partial ionization of this acid molecule in water.  Draw at least 10 particles and be sure to provide a key.

HW Check (Practice 9.4a, 9.3 Drills)

Discussion 9.4b – pH

Practice 9.4b


  • Complete Practice 9.4b (on MyOpenMath)
  • Study for Quiz 9.4 (Drills)
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