As we wrap up unit 3, you need to demonstrate your understanding of periodic trends and electron configurations. Agenda Electron Configuration Quizizz (Code: 542636, Use first and last name) Practice Exam 3 (complete on separate sheet of paper) Homework Study for the Exam/Finish practice exam. Have work ready to turn in […]

Pre-AP Day 35

It takes a while to really get comfortable with electron configurations.  Today, you will find a new partner and continue playing electron configuration battleship. Agenda Electron Configuration Battleship Homework Review your topic 3 notes  

Pre-AP Day 34

Today we will begin practicing electron configuration writing through electron configuration battleship. Agenda Electron Configuration Battleship Homework Review your topic 3 notes  

Pre-AP Day 33

Electron configurations give us a much better way to identify the electrons that participate in chemical bonding.  As we finish developing the quantum model, we will practice these concepts using a modified form of battleship. Agenda 3.4 Discussion/Research – Electron Positioning Activity Electron Configuration Battleship Setup Homework Finish/Revise 3.4 – Electron […]

Pre-AP Day 32

Today we will formally introduce integrated rate laws.  We can determine linear expressions to help us identify the order of reactants if comparative rate data is not available. Agenda 3.3 practice Q&A 3.3 Discussion Bleach/Dye Lab wrap up Homework Finish/revise the 3.3 practice Write your lab conclusion document  

AP Day 32 – Rate Graphs

Now that trends are clear, we are starting to see just how important electrons are.  Today we start on our look at the way electrons are organized around the nucleus. Agenda 3.3 Practice Q&A 3.4 Discussion/Research – Electron Positioning Activity Homework Continue 3.4 – Electron Positioning Activity, #1 – 4  

Pre-AP Day 31

Time to show what you know!  Demonstrate your understanding of order, rate laws, and approaches to analyzing rate data today. Agenda 3.2 Q&A 3.2 Quiz Homework Attend the Bleach/Dye lab if you missed Saturday Work through the 3.3 practice (as much as you can)  

AP Day 31 – Rate Quiz

We have used rate data in order to determine a rate equation.  Now it’s time to design our own experiment to determine a reaction rate and create a rate law. Agenda Kinetics Experiments & Graphs Background Experimental Design Finding Optimal Wavelength Finding Volume Ratio Determining Dye Order Determining Bleach Order […]

AP Day 30.5 – Bleach/Dye Kinetics

As we continue building on our understanding of Atomic Theory, it is important for us to consider a few trends observed on the periodic table. Agenda Atomic Theory Quizizz Periodic Trends Discussion Homework Complete the 3.3 Practice – Periodic Trends  

Pre-AP Day 30

Now that we understand how to determine a reaction rate, it’s time to analyze data to determine rate equations. Agenda 3.1 Practice 3.1 Quiz 3.2 Discussion/edpuzzle review 3.2 Practice Homework Finish 3.2 practice Come Saturday for the Bleach-Dye Lab  

AP Day 30 – Rate Laws