AP Day 13 – Math in Chemistry

I’m out again but I wanted to give you the opportunity to work together to break down topics 1.05 and 1.06. I’ll be back on Monday and we can look over your progress.

Pre-AP Day 13 – Exam 1, States of Matter

Time to show what you know. Put up or shut up 🙂

AP Day 12 – % Composition Lab Wrap Up

We will execute the reaction necessary to determine our percentages from lab 1.02 today.

Pre-AP Day 12 – Specific Heat & Calorimetry

We will really dive deeply into energy today. You will learn how to find the energy absorbed or released by a substance using specific heat and ways in which energy flows into and out of a system.

Pre-AP Day 11 – Energy

Sorry that I have to be out today. You will have a chance to start our next topic of study: Energy!

AP Day 11 – Periodic Trends & Chemical Reactions

Unfortunately, I’m out sick today, but that won’t stop us from making progress on a short Monday. Try your best to work through these textbook concepts and come with questions on Wednesday.

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