We’ve practiced determining molar mass for compounds using the periodic table and converting between moles and particles using Avogadro’s number.  Now it’s time to put the pieces together and convert from grams to particles through the mole. Agenda 2.4a/2.4b corrections 2.4c Practice Homework Finish up the 2.4c practice worksheet (check […]

Pre-AP Day 23

After the long weekend, we will begin to peer review the Mass, Moles, and Ratios activity. Agenda Mass, Moles, Ratios Peer Review Quiz 2.2/Survey Homework Make sure your content is current in OneNote and review Mass, Moles, and Ratios.  Exam is  next Friday!  

Pre-AP Day 21

This Friday we will spend some time reflecting on how the course has been progressing. Agenda Ion Quiz 3 Q1 Course Survey Homework Make sure your content is current in OneNote and review Mass, Moles, and Ratios.  

Pre-AP Day 20

In the past week, we have spent a lot of time looking at reactions and compounds.  Today we will refine our conversion skills and wrap up the ratio concept. Agenda 2.2 – Chemical Formulas Review (OneNote online) 2.3 – Dimensional Analysis (Tutorial) ‘Mass, Moles, and Ratios’ wrap up (OneNote online) […]

Pre-AP Day 19

As our understanding of ions and elements continues to grow, we need to begin working more closely with chemical formulas.  We will wrap up the mass, moles, ratios activity today and begin on formula writing. Agenda ‘Mass, Moles, and Ratios’ (OneNote online) Making Simple Ionic Compounds (Quizlet) 2.2 Chemical Formulas (OneNote online) […]

Pre-AP Day 18

We’ve added silver, lead(II), manganese(II), zinc, and aluminum to our ion list.  Show that you know them and how to balance equations today! Agenda Ion Quiz 2 (Quizlet) Quiz 2.1 ‘Mass, Moles, and Ratios’ (OneNote online) Homework Add ‘Mass, Moles, and Ratios’ through page 7 to OneNote  

Pre-AP Day 17

Now that we can represent reactions with chemical equations, it’s time to start using those equations to better understand chemical quantities in reactions. Agenda WTM Update (OneNote online) 2.1 Q&A ‘Mass, Moles, and Ratios’ (OneNote online) Ion Practice Homework Complete ‘Mass, Moles, and Ratios’ through page 7 Study Ion List 2  

Pre-AP Day 16

We have started getting more familiar with ions, now it’s time to look at chemical equations. Agenda ‘What’s the Matter?’ Peer Review (OneNote online) 2.1 Discussion – Balancing Equations (OneNote online) Balancing Game (PhET) Homework ‘What’s the Matter’ should be completely reviewed in the collaboration space Finish 2.1 Practice set #1 […]

Pre-AP Day 15

Show that you’ve learned the first 14 ions in our quiz today.  We will also continue the peer review process for the ‘What’s the Matter?’ activity. Agenda Ion Quiz #1 (Ion List 1) ‘What’s the Matter?’ Peer Review (OneNote online) Homework Make sure your ‘What’s the Matter’ is in the […]

Pre-AP Day 14

We will take some time to recap recent activities today, then dive a little deeper into the concepts behind chemical naming. Agenda Exam 1 Recap ‘What’s the Matter?’ Peer Review Ion List 1 Naming Tutorial Discussion Library Homework Study Ion List 1 – Quiz Friday Plan for next week: Monday/Wednesday […]

Pre-AP Day 13