We’ve been using a variety of new tools.  Today you get the opportunity to share your thoughts. Agenda 4.6 Quizizz Tech Survey Homework Enjoy your Thanksgiving!  

Pre-AP Day 45

As we wrap up solid bonding, it’s time to start focusing on polarity and shapes of molecules. Agenda 4.5 Post-Lab status Quiz 4.5 4.6 Edpuzzle recap 4.6 Polarity Simulation Homework Finish Polarity Simulation before 6PM and submit hand-in to peergrade Complete 3 Polarity simulation Peer Reviews before next class  

Pre-AP Day 44

We get to finish collecting data and work on the analysis for the bonding lab today. Agenda 4.5 Pre-lab Peer Grading 4.5 Data Collection 4.5 Analysis Homework Complete 4.6 edpuzzle  

Pre-AP Day 43

We’ve explored solid bonding in theory, now let’s get some data! Agenda 4.5 Pre-Lab Peer Grading Bonding Lab Data Collection Homework Organize your data so you can finish collecting the last few trials next week  

Pre-AP Day 42

We have a basic understanding of ionic and covalent bonds.  Now, let’s apply that to specific bonding types for solids. Agenda HW Check (4.4 Practice) Join Google Classroom Bonding Lab Background (OneNote) Develop Lab Procedures (OneNote) Homework Complete 4.4 practice (Combined Naming)  

Pre-AP Day 41

Understanding the different compounds and Lewis structures will be our focus today.  Let’s get more practice in! Agenda Lewis Structures Practice Quiz 4.3-4.4 Homework Complete 4.4 practice (Combined Naming)  

Pre-AP Day 40

It’s time to blend the concept of covalent and ionic bonding in the form of polyatomic ions.  We will also consider transition metal ions and how they form multiple stable ions. Agenda 4.4 edpuzzle review Polyatomics/Transition metals discussion 4.4 Notes Practice Homework Complete 4.4 notes practice Study for Friday’s quiz […]

Pre-AP Day 39

Our understanding of ionic bonding will be emphasized today, and we will introduce covalent bonds. Agenda 4.2 Practice Q&A Quiz 4.1/4.2 4.3 Discussion Homework Complete 4.3 Notes Practice Finish 4.4 Edpuzzle  

Pre-AP Day 38

Now we will begin our discussion of chemical bonding.  First, we need to understand how and why atoms become ions. Agenda 4.1 Discussion – Ion Formation Homework Complete 4.1 Practice Finish 4.2 Edpuzzle Attempt 4.2 Practice – come ready to discuss  

Pre-AP Day 37

Today you will demonstrate your understanding of the atomic structure topic by taking exam 3. Agenda Practice Exam 3 Q&A Test Strategies Exam 3 Homework N/A  

Pre-AP Day 36