The last day of the first quarter of the best year of your life is already here! ┬áTime to show what you know ­čÖé Agenda Exam 2 Homework Turn in the following:2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4a, 2.4b, 2.4c, 2.5a, 2.5b, 2.5c, Mass-Moles-Ratios Packet  

Pre-AP Day 26

As we wrap up the unit, we will look at how energy is used for phase changes, then review concepts for the exam. Agenda Bond Enthalpy Q&A Practice 2.1c stamps Heating Curves Unit 2 Concepts Homework Prepare worksheets to turn in: 2.1 packet, Practice 2.1b, Practice 2.1c  

AP Day 25 – Heating Curves

Today we get to wrap up the Analytical Chem topic. ┬áSo far, you have broken down conversion problems intentionally, now we will solve them and look at the concept of having two starting reactants. Agenda 2.5a/b stamps 2.5c – Evaluating Limiting Reactant Edpuzzle Limiting Reactant Whiteboarding Unit 2 Content Summary […]

Pre-AP Day 25

We’re almost done with thermochemistry concepts. ┬áToday we will look at ways to find enthalpy of a reaction by various methods. Agenda Quiz 2.1a/b Grading/Recap Hess’s Law discussion Practice 2.1c Bond Enthalpy Terms Homework Complete Practice 2.1c Finish the 2.1 Packet and problems  

AP Day 24 – Hess’s Law

You’ve seen how to convert between grams and particles. ┬áLet’s get some very specific practice in using the APE method of problem solving. Agenda 2.4c stamps 2.5a – Analyzing 2.5b – Planning Homework Finish up the 2.5a-b practice worksheets (check the key and correct) Complete the Limiting Reactant Edpuzzle  

Pre-AP Day 24

Now that we’ve had time to process the Q1 survey, we’ll reflect on it and then get into some basic conversion practice Agenda Q1 survey recap 2.4a Practice – Molar Mass 2.4b Practice -Mole-Particle Conversions Homework Finish up the 2.4a and 2.4b practice worksheets (check the key and correct)  

Pre-AP Day 22

Let’s make a handwarmer!!! Agenda Handwarmer Lab Background Handwarmer Pre-Lab Part I: Calorimeter Constant Part II: Testing 3 Salts Homework Complete the post-lab analysis and post lab questions before class Tuesday.  

AP Day 23.5 – Handwarmer Lab

Today you’ll have an opportunity to show me what you understand about heat and calorimetry! Agenda 2.1a/2.1b Quiz Handwarmer Pre-Lab Homework Plan to be here Saturday at 8AM for the lab.  

AP Day 23 – Quiz 2.1a/2.1b

We’ve practiced determining molar mass for compounds using the periodic table and converting between moles and particles using Avogadro’s number. ┬áNow it’s time to put the pieces together and convert from grams to particles through the mole. Agenda 2.4a/2.4b corrections 2.4c Practice Homework Finish up the 2.4c practice worksheet (check […]

Pre-AP Day 23

Calorimetry is a lab technique that allows us to us temperature data to determine energy of a process. ┬áToday, we will explore this concept in some depth. Agenda 2.1b edpuzzle recap 2.1b Q&A Calorimetry Simulation Homework Study for Quiz 2.1a/2.1b, (Friday) Plan to be here Saturday at 8AM for the […]

AP Day 22 – Calorimetry