You will work through titration practice today and prepare for Saturday’s lab.

Homework Check

We need some accountability.  Time for a homework check. 

Have your 1.10 work out in OneNote, the MyOpenMath assignment open, and the 1.10 assignment page on teams open for me to check.


  • Connect the molarity equation to a titration experiment to solve for the concentration of a solution
  • Perform an acid-base titration to come to an end point
  • Perform an acid-base titration to analyze a pH curve


  • (15) HW Check (1.10)
  • (60) 1.11 Group Work
  • (30) 1.12 Pre-Lab
  • (10) Week 7 Reflection


  • Complete 1.11 and turn in on teams
  • Come Saturday at 12pm for our Lab
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