Today you will be given opportunities to reflect on our combustion analysis quiz and work our more of the gas topic problems. In addition, we will introduce titrations.


Look back to the pop-quiz from Day 20, and answer to following questions.

  • 1. How did you do?
  • 2. What did you struggle with?
  • 3. For parts you missed, what was the cause of your mistake (reading? content? silly mistake?)
  • 4. What will you do to improve on these types of problems in the future?


  • Understand how the ideal gas law and phase change can be used to determine the molar mass of an unknown gas
  • Solve problems related to partial pressure
  • Solve problems related to the ideal gas law
  • Solve problems related to gas laws using stoichiometry



Finish and turn in 1.09

Finish and turn in 1.10

Watch the video /do the reading for 1.11

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