AP Day 51

Today we will focus on some practice and clarification of the details of energy, heat, work, and calorimetry

Pre-AP Day 29 – Build an Atom

Demonstrate your understanding of atomic theory and subatomic particles today. We also get to build atoms using a PhET simulation!

Pre-AP Day 28 – Inside Isotopes III

You will get to use your data to draw conclusions about the isotopes activity today.

Pre-AP Day 27 – Inside Isotopes II

Now that we’ve completed the pre-lab, we can begin collecting data using beans to represent our element.

Pre-AP Day 26 – Inside Isotopes I

We will wrap up our conversation about atomic theory and begin diving deeper into isotopes today.

AP Day 26 – Quiz 1C

Demonstrate your understanding of stoichiometry and gas laws today.

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